KC Premier Soccer Selects Rok’it Advertising for all Apparel and Print Advertising Materials

Press Release – Wednesday July 23, 2014 – Kansas City, MO
Rok’it Advertising, Inc. announced Wednesday that it has been chosen by the new KC Premier Soccer (formerly Raytown Soccer Club) and it’s board of directors as their key partner for their new re-branding and advertising efforts, starting in the summer and fall of 2014.

“We needed an advertising company that could handle everything we needed, under one roof. We were tired of calling five and sometimes six different companies to handle the different print advertising and jersey printing needs, and having to coordinate between companies to ensure it all looked the right way.” says David Hixson, President of KC Premier Soccer. “And not only does Rok’it Advertising handle everything we need done, including the jerseys and staff apparel, but they also offer the unique Rok’it Shots! Wall Graphics product that acts like a fundraising campaign throughout the season. It was an easy decision in terms of competing companies in the KC area. Rok’it Advertising was incredible throughout the selection process and we are very excited about this new partnership” he adds.

As part of this new deal, Rok’it Advertising will be working with KC Premier Soccer with the complete roll out of Rok’it Shots! Wall Graphics for the youth soccer players and their families. “We just couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to help the new KC Premier Soccer organization grow. This partnership is going to be great for both organizations and will hopefully help us grow in the area as the go-to company for youth sports apparel and advertising printing.” says Michael Hillebrand, Director of Sales and Marketing for Rok’it Advertising, Inc.

Youth sports leagues and associations that are interested in using Rok’it Advertising, Inc. for all of their apparel and print advertising needs, are encouraged to visit http://www.rokitadvertising.com or to call Rok’it Advertising, Inc. at 816-358-0180 to get more information on how to get started.

About Rok’it Advertising, Inc.
Rok’it Advertising, Inc. is a fully custom print advertising company located in Raytown, MO. The company handles the printing of banners, signs, apparel, business cards, promotional marketing items, and its first branded product – Rok’it Shots! Wall Graphics.