On November 16, 1929 the Raytown Chamber of Commerce was incorporated. Over the years the Chamber expanded its boundaries and updated its mission statements and purposes. A new building, totally funded by a capital campaign, was erected at its current site on the corner of 59th and Raytown Trafficway in 1988.

Now known as the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce, their boundaries include the 32-square-mile area of the Raytown School District, and beyond.

The chamber sits in the heart of the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area and serves as a crossroads to many destinations. They are, and will continue to be, a community excited about living, playing or working in this great place we call home.  The Raytown Chamber is at the heart of many community activities, helping to promote the City of Raytown.

Rok’it Advertising has been a member of the Raytown Chamber of Commerce since 1990.